Monday, March 28, 2011

We're heading 'cross a river
Soon your cares will all be gone

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bad Body Double Trouble.

It's nothing new.
I hear that little voice all the time..

You look absolutely terrible today! And your boobs? Good gracious, they are huge! And what size jeans do you wear again? Oh yeah.. Could never forget that number, could you? Woah! Look at that girl. She has the most perfect figure.. Don't you wish you could look like her? Hey, listen! Are you listening? Don't even try to go shopping for clothes... You will fail miserably with that figure! 

Say, hi there to my bad body double! One of my most favorite artists, miss Imogen Heap, wrote the perfect little diddy for those of us (ahem, all of us) gals who hear that little voice from time to time. Goes a little something like this..

She pops into the bathroom
Just after a shower and
She plays with my makeup and creams
Keeps trying to look like me

And goes through the motions

Posing this way and that,
Holding it in,
If it makes you feel better, then knock yourself out

Say hi there to my bad body double

This is my bad body double trouble
Oh no, my bad body double, mmmhm
I've got bad body double trouble, oh.

She's trouble

She's trouble
She's trouble, alright.

Yeah, yeah

Sometimes I manage to lose her

Shake her at a bar, in the gym for five minutes
It feels so good to be back to my own self again
Can get quite confusing.

We look very similar except she's got some grays and

A little extra weight on the sides
And dimply thighs,
I hear that stuff's a bitch to get rid off
(No, no, no, no)

We're having quite an intimate, personal moment (not now)

Could you maybe come at a slightly less awful time? (not now)
She can see I've got someone quite nice here with me
Can't we just be left alone...
I guess that's a no then
Seeing as you're still here
Seeing as you're still here

It's not me, no

It's my bad body double
I got bad body double trouble
Oh no, my bad body double, mmmhm
I've got bad body double trouble, agh.
Bad body double, mmhm.
I've got bad body double trouble
Oh dear, my bad body double.
I got bad body double trouble.

She's trouble

She's trouble
She's trouble, alright.
Yeah, yeah, yeah
She's trouble
She's trouble
She's trouble, alright.
Yeah, yeah, right there.

Can't shake her, Can't shake her, Can't shake her, Can't shake her

Everywhere I go, Everywhere I go, goooo
Can't shake her, Can't shake her, Can't shake her, Can't shake her
Everywhere I go, Everywhere I go, goooo

Say hi there,

To my bad body double
My bad, bad, bad body double.
She's trouble
I can't shake her
And I hate her, I hate her, I hate her, I hate her, I hate her.
She's everywhere I go,

I'm going to get rid

Of you once and for all...

I cannot think of a more accurate description. She nailed it! So how in the world do we escape it? "She's everywhere I go!" Well, friends, believe this...

"I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Your works are wonderful, I know that full well."
Psalm 139: 14 

What a song we have to sing. The Creator of Heaven and Earth formed us wonderfully. Just how He wanted us. I need to remind myself of this every single time I look in the mirror. I am precious and prized because Christ made me. And He gave Himself up for me! Hallelujah! 
I have been so encouraged by some really amazing women in my lifetime. Women who are constantly encouraging and lifting my spirits. Telling me that I am prized and beautiful. Women like my beautiful mother and my incredible sister-in-law. Praise God for them. I have also been really stoked about seeing real women in the "public eye" who are doing their thing. Women who are strong, confident, intelligent, and talented. Here are a couple...

Talented. Innovative. Silly. Phenomenal.

"I don't want to be a skinny pop star"
This woman is so high up on my list. Not only can she sing her ass off, but she also doesn't need gimmicks or a size 2 waist to sell her music. She's real.

So ladies, be free of those nasty little comments that get thrown your way via yourself. And don't ever let any paper thin debutante, foolish magazine, or quick-fix dieting commercial tell you what size your hips should be. 
You're beautiful. 
Don't forget it.

Grace and peace.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Big brother is going out of the country in two weeks.

We're really excited and know God is about to shake his world up. I will not lie though..I am a little envious of him. I feel like my soul is just yearning to get out of the country and see what life is like outside of this little bubble I've created. I hope that someday, when I'm ready, God sends me on a thrilling adventure. And if He does, I know He'll show me a lot of great things and introduce me to a lot of great folks. And He will definitely show me how great He is.

Grace, peace, and safety to you, big brother.
 I'm so proud of you.


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Little Orphan Boy.

At the moment, I have the sweetest little guy in my lap.

This is Ray.

Ray has been with the Hardin household for about two weeks now. At first, he was extremely skittish and ran from practically anyone or anything. But fortunately, he has loosened up quite a bit and is becoming really affectionate. We really love this little guy despite his quirks and pungent odor. We are looking to find him a good home, so hopefully a sweet family will grab him. And if they don't, we may just have to hang on to him..

I would be okay with that.

Grace and peace.
Hallie (and baby Ray)