Monday, February 20, 2012

I'm a bad blog mama..

It has been awhile, folks! I'm not so great at keeping this thing updated..but let's just say life has been going a million miles per hour these days. Between hair school, work, and attempting to maintain a social life..sheesh! It's been crazy.

Hair school is proving to be one of the more difficult things in my life at the moment. I am 7 months in. SEVEN MONTHS. Literally, shaking my head in disbelief right now. As emotionally, physically, and psychologically difficult as it is..I'm in love with this craft. Can't imagine doing anything else with my life. Well, besides playing music and being a jet-setting makeup artist (yes please). Hair school is a lot different than I thought it would be..but then again, there are a lot of aspects of it that do not surprise me one bit. Drama is one of them, of course. But hey! It's a school full of women, what else would you expect?? Haha. Really, though, the drama isn't that bad at all. I'm growing to love some of these women a lot. I never really intended on making friends, or even talking to anyone at all (keep your head low...stay out of the way...and do what you're there to do -- still go by that, just not as strictly..haha) but I have. There are some great folks there. And it really fills me up when I get to fill THEM up with encouragement or a smile or a helping hand. I can only pray they see Jesus in me. There is a lot of hurt in that school so I can only hope Jesus will shine through me. Just got to allow Him to do it!

So there is a very disheveled little blog entry for ya. Hopefully, I won't stay away for too long again.
Oh! And here's a few photos from the past few months.







Love to all.